Oracal® 970RA

Designed to replicate an automotive paint-like finish, ORACAL® Series 970RA Premium Wrapping Film is our flagship product. With over 100 color and finish options, you can find the perfect style to take your vehicle from ordinary to extraordinary. Our gloss finish is unrivaled due to its unique dual layer construction that gives your vehicle the “wet paint” look. But if you really want to stand out, you may be interested in our matte finish films--nothing sets off the lines of a vehicle like a matte or metallic matte finish. We were the first to introduce our product in matte black, a move that got the automotive restyling industry’s attention and led an industry-wide shift from commercial use to consumer customization. Because 970RA has served in both commercial and consumer applications for so many years, you can trust the reliability and durability our product can offer to you and your customization needs.

Product Specs
  • Over 100 Colors/Finishes Available

  • Dual Layer Cast Film Construction

  • Up to 12 years

  • Highly Conformable

  • Removable Up to 3 Years

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  • Color Guide
  • ORACAL® 970RA Premium Special Effect Cast

    954 Crystal White 300 Mandarin 959 Tangerine Dream 100 Sunset Shift (also available in matte) 961 Luscious Lips 963 Jetstream Blue 155 Intergalactic Blue 905 Black Galactic Gold (also available in matte)

    ORACAL® 970RA Premium Shift Effect Wrapping Cast (Gloss & Matte)

    See it in Action!

    Hover over swatch.

    988 Green Blue 989 Turquoise Lavender 990 Aubergine Bronze 316 Amethyst 319 Ultramarine Violet 318 Aquamarine 315 Pearl Symphony 320 Cranberry 317 Avocado

    ORACAL® 970RA Premium Wrapping Cast (Gloss)

    010 White 809 Taxibeige 816 Papyrus 201 Crocus Yellow 010 Canary Yellow 216 Traffic Yellow 022 Light Yellow 010 Maize Yellow 020 Golden Yellow 208 Post Office Yellow 256 Cargo Yellow 300 Mandarin 351 Municipal Orange 363 Daggi Orange 032 Light Red 897 Rose Hip 028 Cardinal Red 031 Red 305 Geranium Red 882 Cargo Red 371 Chile Red 030 Dark Red 026 Purple Red 045 Soft Pink 077 Telemagenta 056 Ice Blue 555 Glacier Blue 547 Fjord Blue 509 Sea Blue 572 Police Blue 057 Traffic Blue 067 Blue 049 King Blue 511 Night Blue 544 Indigo Blue 553 Lagoon 564 Light Navy 155 Intergalactic Blue 177 Yacht Blue 464 Lawn Green 688 Algae Green 602 Grass Green 486 Tree Green 612 Police Green 689 Juniper 622 Fir Tree Green 286 Bottle Green 711 Stone Grey 730 Simple Grey 724 Ice Grey 076 Telegrey 073 Dark Grey 070 Black 196 Night Blue Metallic 192 Deep Blue Metallic 677 Fir Tree Green Metallic 704 Black Metallic 922 Brass Metallic 926 Pyrite 920 Bronze Metallic 921 Bronze Antique 874 Orient Brown Metallic 091 Gold 946 Nacre 904 Silver Lake 090 Silver Grey 908 Aluminium 369 Red Brown Metallic 933 Tin Metallic 934 Zinc Metallic 935 Grey Cast Iron 406 Violet Metallic 195 Dove Blue Metallic 932 Graphite Metallic 937 Charcoal Metallic

    ORACAL® 970RA Premium Wrapping Cast (Matte)

    100M Matte Sunset Shift 905M Matte Black Galactic Gold 372M Matte Imperial Red Pearl 010M Matte White 223M Matte Safron Yellow 285M Matte Nato Olive 070M Matte Black 055M Matte Mint 090M Matte Silver Grey Metallic 932M Matte Graphite Metallic 937M Matte Charcoal Metallic 093M Matte Anthracite Metallic 091M Matte Gold 196M Night Blue Metallic 926M Matte Pyrite 351M Matte Red Gold Metallic 363M Matte Copper 920M Matte Bronze 897M Matte Dark Red Metallic 369M Matte Red Brown Metallic 406M Matte Violet Metallic 197M Matte Azure Metallic 882M Matte Blue Metallic 190M Matte Moonlight Metallic
  • Technical Data
  • Thickness 4.25-mil
    Dimensional Stability Adhered to steel, no shrinkage in cross direction; In length, <.004"
    Temperature Resistance Adhered to aluminum, -58°F to +248°F, no variation
    Fire Behavior Adhered to steel, self-extinguishing
    Fire Rating ASTM E 84-07 Class "A"
    Fire Behavior Adhered to steel, self extenguishing
    Adhesive Power Adhered to stainless steel: 3.65 lb/in
    Tensile Strength AlongL min. 21 MPa
    Across: min. 21 MPa
    Elongation at Break Along: Min. 150%
    Across: Min. 150%
    Seawaterability Adhered to aluminum, after 100h/73°F, no variation
    Max Service Life w/ Proper Care &Usage Premium Wrapping Cast:
    12 years – black and white
    10 years – color
    5 years – metallic
    3 years – bronze, copper, graphite metallic, matter imperial red pearl, nacre, orient brown metallic, pyrite, red gold L metallic
    Premium Shift Effect Cast:
    4 years
    Premium Special Effect Cast:
    3 years
    Available Lengths 150’ (50-yard), 75’ (25-yard), 30’ (10-yard)
    Available Widths 60"
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