Oracal® 975

If you’re looking to take the next step of upgrading your vehicle’s appearance, look no further than ORAFOL’s brand ORACAL® Series 975 Premium Textured Cast Film. This unique film features a raised texture and is available in several different styles such as Carbon Fiber, Honeycomb and Crocodile just to name a few. Because the film is backed with a pressure-sensitive adhesive, this product can be applied to almost any part of your vehicle whether interior or exterior.

Changing the color of your ride is one thing but when you combine it with textured films, your customization efforts will take on a whole new dimension. Whether you choose to cover an entire hood or roof, or simply add accents to door handles or sport wings, you can depend on series 975 to be both durable and conformable enough to handle almost any application.

Product Specs
  • Over 25 different textures and colors

  • Conformable

  • 5 Year Durability

  • Apply to almost any surface

  • Interior/Exterior

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  • Color Guide
  • ORACAL® 975CA Premium Structure Cast (Carbon)

    000 Transparent 010 White 070 Black 080 Brown 090 Silver Grey 091 Gold 093 Anthacite 305 Geranium Red 536 Middle Blue

    ORACAL® 975BR Premium Structure Cast (Brushed)

    090 Silver Grey 091 Gold 192 Deep Blue Metallic 932 Graphite Metallic 933 Tin Metallic

    ORACAL® 975HC Premium Structure Cast (Honeycomb)

    070 Black 090 Silver Grey 091 Gold 192 Deep Blue Metallic 933 Tin Metallic

    ORACAL® 975CR Premium Structure Cast (Crocodile)

    070 Black 080 Brown 622 Fir Tree Green

    ORACAL® 975CO Premium Structure Cast (Cocoon)

    070 Black 090 Silver Grey

    ORACAL® 975DN Premium Structure Cast (Dune)

    070 Black 080 Brown

    ORACAL® 975EM Premium Structure Cast (Emulsion)

    070 Black 090 Silver Grey
  • Technical Data
  • Thickness 5-6-mil
    Dimensional Stability Adhered to steel, no shrinkage in cross direction; In length, <.004"
    Temperature Resistance Adhered to aluminum, -58°F to +230°F, no variation
    Fire Behavior Adhered to steel, self-extinguishing
    Fire Rating ASTM E 84-07 Class "A"
    Adhesive Power Adhered to stainless steel: 5.0 lb/in
    Tensile Strength Along: Min. 14 MPa
    Across: Min. 14 MPa
    Elongation at Break Along: Min. 70%
    Across: Min. 70%
    Seawaterability Adhered to aluminum, after 100h/73°F, no variation
    Shelf Life 2 years
    Minimum Life Expectancy 5 years
    3 years - metallic
    Minimum Application Temperature 46°F
    Available Lengths 150’ (50-yard), 75’ (25-yard), 30’ (10-yard)
    Available Widths 150' (50-yard), 75' (25-yard), 30' (10-yard) 60"
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