Because you’re an avid car, motorcycle or boat enthusiast, you notice things. Things that are different. Things that are custom. And you can see those things in a make or model that you know did not come from the factory. This is where we live – we get it. We understand the biggest impact affecting any vehicle’s appearance is the color and we have them. Lots of them. We also have the resources to help you get your vehicle noticed.

Welcome to ORAFOL Restyling.

At ORAFOL Americas Inc. we manufacture pressure sensitive, adhesive-backed products that can transform your vehicle into something you never thought possible. We offer products that protect your existing paint as well as paint alternative products that give colors and finishes simply not available from the factory or paint shop. We also have textured products that can add a whole new dimension to the customization of your vehicle, whether interior or exterior. We encourage you to browse the site to get new ideas for your vehicle, gather more information on exactly what a vehicle wrap is and a find an installer in your area that can help you get the look you want for your vehicle. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to email us.