Located in Jacksonville, Florida, the #201Wrap team is committed to excellence in everything that they do. They’ve been in the vinyl wrap industry for almost ten years and are Jacksonville’s original vinyl wrap shop. As car enthusiasts, artists, and professionals, their team is dedicated to delivering top-notch quality on every project they take on and constantly work to exceed expectations.

This past year the team wrapped a classic Porsche 964 in ORACAL 970RA Papyrus and although we love every installation by #201Wrap, this one immediately captured our interest. We contacted the shop with a few questions about the project and working with ORAFOL materials. Austin, president of the shop, was able to help us out.

How long have you been in business?
“We started this company in 2008, printing colors and laminating to achieve paint alternative options for our customer base.”

What was your/your team’s favorite part about this project?
“The fact that it was different than the normal vehicle, it was older but in great condition… The color was another favorite for the entire company, we felt the Papyrus fit this car incredibly well!”

What is your experience with ORAFOL? What do you like about it?
“Anytime a customer want Gloss, ORAFOL is our go to. The Gloss films are the deepest gloss available, and when installed correctly look just like a painted finish.”

What were the challenges when working on this project?
“The time and effort into making the parts look complete and finished to our standards were the most difficult, but in the end, well.. you know.. it turned out amazing!”

Coffee or energy drinks?
“It takes a lot of energy, and stamina to stay diligent on any vehicle wrap, and attain the same level of perfection on the last panel, as the first.. for us, energy drinks make that happen. coffee just doesn’t do the trick!”

Color Details:
816 – Gloss Papyrus

Installer Details:
4949-2 Sunbeam Road, Jacksonville, Florida 32257

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