Joshua Sharp, the owner of SHARP Wraps, LLC has been an installer for 17 years and his work shows it. Josh started his own business in 2009 after realizing he didn’t want to be stuck working for just one shop. He needed to be busy enough to feed his need to excel. So he decided to go to the shops directly that had the capabilities to wrap cars and offer his install services and knowledge. His “We come to you” mantra has been a win so far.

For years Josh wanted to have his own business and work with cars, and through the shops he worked with along his journey, he slowly made a name for himself. “Word of mouth has been my biggest advertisement,” he says. “My core values consist of doing good work and being upfront and honest.” He likes to let his work and great customer service speak for itself. He loves not only cars, but the excitement of the customers when they see their vehicle wrapped.

For this project, Josh wrapped not only his own car, but his wife’s as well. The Mitsubishi Outlander is wrapped in ORACAL 970RA Aquamarine Shift Effect and Hyundai Sonata in ORACAL 970RA Green Blue Shift Effect.

A little more about Josh and SHARP Wraps, LLC:

What is your experience with Orafol and how have you seen it change over the years?

“In the past 3 or 4 years…I have been impressed by the advancements in the adhesive and air release technologies.  Although still tacky and aggressive, it really tested my install ability. The end result and finish of the vinyl is excellent! It really does look like paint.”

What is it like installing a wrap during different seasons?  What are the challenges?

“During the hot seasons, the vinyl becomes more stretchy and more tacky. In the cold season, the vinyl is brittle and less tacky. It is ideal to have a climate controlled shop year round so that you have consistent install conditions.”

Most importantly, what is your favorite cereal?

“Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds!”

What do you think of the new ORACAL 970RA Shift Effect Wraps?

“The new Shift Effect is what sold me on changing the color of my wrap and going with Orafol Shift Effect. Last year, with the only 3 original colors available, the wife really liked the “blue/green,” and she insisted that would be the color I chose.  This year, with the release of the 6 new colors, she once again insisted on a color of her liking…which was “aquamarine.” I must say that she made the right choice with both colors on both cars. With the new wraps, we have gotten a lot of attention and people love it!”

How do Orafol products hold up over time compared to others you’ve used?

“In my opinion, they hold up well. With my personal vehicles, I take them to the car wash regularly and have no issues or failures so far.”

Color Details:

318 – Aquamarine
988 – Green Blue

Installer Details:

1664 Williams Way
Zionsville, Indiana
(317) 989-8447

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