#ORAfan Bryson Handorf

While Bryson Handorf has been interested in cars since he was a little kid, he truly found a love for them during his junior year of high school when he got his first car. At first it was just a ride to get to school and back (wouldn’t burn through all his gas money). But shortly after, he became inspired by the car show scene and stance and decided to go after the cool car he’d always wanted.

He initially loved the idea of attending car shows because he could use his car as an excuse to travel around the country and hangout with friends that live states away and share the same interests. He “personally loves the idea of everyone getting together and having a good time. From waking up at 4:30 AM for roll-in, to cruising the cities with my friends. It’s all about the experience.” He says that on any normal day it would be easy to lose interest in his car but when he takes it to a show and someone approaches him excited about something he himself put together, it’s an incredible feeling he’ll always be grateful for.

The team at ORAFOL definitely gets excited about his Volkswagen Golf wrapped in Green Blue shift effect so we asked him a few questions about his ride and his experience with 970RA.

Have you always been a fan of ORAFOL? How did you originally hear about ORAFOL?
When I was first looking into wrapping my car I searched everywhere with no luck. Until one day, my dad received the newly released Shift Effect sample colors from ORAFOL.  At that moment I knew what color I really wanted.

What do you like about your ORAFOL wrap?
Everything. The way the film stretches, lays, and the amount of heat it can withstand results in an amazing finish. The adhesive is just right!

Did you install the Green Blue wrap yourself?
My dad, my friend Dylan, and I wrapped the car just in time for Slammedenuff Gatlinburg 2016 where we revealed the color.

What is your favorite thing about your Volkswagen?
My favorite thing about my Volkswagen is a tough call between the wrap and my BBS RS.

Can we find you at any car shows or events in the near future?
Slammedenuff Nashville, maybe Stancenation Atlanta. But I’ll definitely be at Slammedenuff Stoopicold to start out the new year!

Most importantly, Coffee or energy drinks?
Neither, I’ll take a Coke from McDonald’s.

Keep in touch with ORAFOL Restyling on social media to catch Bryson at an event in 2018 and for more photos of his car.

Color Details:
988 –  Gloss Green Blue Shift Effect

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